first Lso-positive psyllid of the season

This week we received traps from all 55 fields that we are monitoring. We captured a total of 14 psyllids across 10 fields. Seven of the fields were in Canyon County; the remaining 3 fields were in Owyhee, Twin Falls, and Minidoka counties.

One of the psyllids we collected last week from Canyon County was positive for Lso, the bacterium associated with zebra chip disease (ZC). The other psyllids from last week were shipped to us late, so results are expected by Monday (and will be posted here when results are in). A positive psyllid this early in the season is somewhat concerning. ZC risk is in part a function of psyllid numbers and Lso incidence, so it is fortunate the psyllid numbers have been low so far. Nevertheless, we urge growers to watch psyllid captures closely and to have their IPM programs in place. More information on management can be found here:

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