Psyllid trapping ends for the season.

This week we received traps from 20 of the 55 fields that we are monitoring. Thirty-three fields have been vine killed or are senescing and are no longer being monitored. We captured a total of 6 psyllids across 3 fields. The three fields were in Canyon, Elmore, and Twin Falls counties.

This is our last week of actively trapping psyllids. We will post the final results next week to finish out the monitoring season.

One psyllid tested from last week’s Canyon County captures was positive for Lso, the bacterium associated with zebra chip disease (ZC); the rest of the psyllids captured last week were negative for Lso. This is the first Lso positive we have detected since early July.

With harvest season upon us, it is worth remembering that our studies in Russet Burbank showed that ZC can develop during storage if infection occurs as late as two weeks before vine kill. Please consider this in your late-season IPM programs. More information on management can be found here:

To view the weekly data by site in the old spreadsheet format: