Spore Trap Specific Pathogen Data

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 P. Infestans (Late Blight) Risk Levels
in the Last 16 Days
Other Potato Pathogens Detection Events
in the Last 16 Days
DateSpore detection
Nearest WX station CHP
(hours above 80% RH)
MPM RiskOverall Risk
(spore + wx)
A. Solani
(Early Blight)

Color Key

RiskSpore Risk AssessmentWeather Risk Assessment
Low No spores detected this week No day with a CHP observed
(10 hours at RH 80% or more)
Elevated No spores detected this week, but
have been detected previously in the season
One day with a CHP observed
Moderate Spores detected at least one day this week Two consecutive days each with CHPs
High Spores detected over two consecutive weeks Two consecutive weeks each with two consecutive CHP days
Severe Visual disease symptoms present Active disease confirmed in the area